Easter update

Well, Easter is a week away and we’re working hard to put together as many Easter baskets as we can!  We are so excited!  We also have someone very special donating hand made jewelry to put into baskets for the women, and we will also fill those baskets with chocolate and a few small things to help them pamper themselves.  We are hoping to be able to donate to 3 shelters, which is awesome.  There is still time to help, if you’re interested.  If you live in our area, feel free to contact me about donating, and if not, head over to the ‘Find a shelter’ page to find somewhere in your area that you can donate to.  Thanks so much for your love and support!

Now go, and Love Something Chronic!


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Because I love chocolate too.

I’m so excited about Easter this year!  This is the first year that we’ve put together Easter baskets for the shelters, and I can’t wait.  Several women from our church here have decided to put together baskets on their own and then bring them to us to donate, which I think is awesome because I LOVE to see others get involved.

But I was thinking.

When I shop for my kids for Easter, I ALWAYS buy something for me.  Generally its a bit more upscale than candy eggs and jelly beans.  I like real chocolate.  I’m a Ghiardelli kinda girl 😀  I think most women are.  Even though we’re focusing mostly on the kids for this particular holiday, I’d really like to treat the women, too.  So Ghiardelli it is 🙂

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Someone’s Easter Bunny

At pretty much the last moment (okay not quite, but still) we’ve decided to put together Easter baskets for the kids in the local women’s shelters.  We’ve been mostly focusing on the holidays for the women, but the truth of it is, there are kids in these places too.  They’re away from home, most likely scared and confused, and perhaps a little normalcy is just what they need.  And what is more normal than baskets full of candy and toys on Easter?


So we’ll be collecting candy and toys and baskets to put together.  I mean really, we’ve always got stuff left over at our house after filling the kids’ baskets, so it really shouldn’t be too hard.  We would be so excited if you’re willing to help!  And again, if you don’t live here, find your local shelter and hop on over and be someone’s Easter bunny this year!


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Welcome to the new home of the Love Something Chronic campaign.  We are so thankful for your support.  Feel free to poke around and learn what we’re all about.  It’s a simple site, but then love is a simple thing.

We wanted to create this site so we would have a place to focus completely on this ministry.  We’ll be posting here about the upcoming projects we’ll be working on, our experiences with giving, and the love we share.  We can not wait to see where this things go.  Our dream is to watch it grow and blossom into something huge, to watch the rest of the world reach out and help God bring beauty from the ashes.

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