It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Nope, not Christmas (not yet, anyhow).  It’s HALLOWEEN.  It’s my personal favorite time of year.  From costumes and candy, to cider and jack-o-lanterns!  So much fun!   Here at Love Something Chronic, we LOVE the holiday season.  All year long we try to give back in the little ways, but during the Holiday season we have so many cool ways to give back, to help others feel loved and special.

We cannot wait for Halloween.  This is the first year we’ve done Halloween projects for the domestic violence shelters in our area, and we’re excited to bless the women, and especially the children, with candy and treats and spooky fun things.

My personal favorite project are the popcorn hands.  Our family did them several years ago for the kids in our neighborhood and they were just so much fun to do and fairly pain free.  You just get some clear gloves, the kind they use at Subway or in a cafeteria.  You put candy corn in each finger and then fill the rest of the glove with popcorn.  Tie it off with some ribbon and poof, you’ve got a creepy looking hand sure to delight.  We’ll also be putting together goody bags with candy and little treats for the moms and kids.

As always if you’d like to help in ANY way let us know.  There is always some way you can help.   Even if it is something that seems so small and insignificant, to people who are hurting, even the smallest gesture of love can bring hope and joy.

No matter what, we covet your prayers, that we may be able to bring hope to a hurting people, that we can show them God’s love, and the hope that is Christ Jesus!


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