Back to School

It’s that time again.  It’s school time.  In our house, we are completely ready.  We have all the coolest Star wars gear, the hippest clothes, and all the accessories the kids need to go back to school in style.  And let me tell you, I am so ready!

But there are lots of kids who aren’t prepared for school.  Not because they don’t want to learn, but because they don’t have supplies.  Sometimes, their parents simply can not afford to buy the things that they need.  And we think that we can help.

Love Something Chronic usually does gifting for the women and children at domestic violence shelters on major Holidays, and we try to buy household supplies as often as we can to donate throughout the year, but there really isn’t anything big between now and Christmas, but I wanted to do *something*.


Then I ran across this, and it hit me.  If we all buy one of these bundles we can help send kids back to school with the essentials they need to succeed.  There are several bundles, starting at just $10.  I know the economy is tight and we all have our own kids to provide for, but if you feel like you can give, please do!

Shipping is free and you can have it shipped to your home and find a shelter near you to donate to, (you can find a shelter on our “Find a shelter” page)  or if you want to help us here in our community you can contact us at and we’ll tell you where to send them and we’ll gladly take them to our local shelters.

No matter what you do, even if you can’t give this time, always remember to love something chronic!


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