Disaster relief

In the midst of chocolate bunnies and glittered eggs, things took a bit of a sidewinder here.  On Saturday our area of the country was hit hard by a very strong storm spawning many tornadoes.  We have been wracking our brains for days in ways we can work and help.  The church where Stacey and I worship are doing disaster relief to help the families who have lots their homes, and also to help feed the workers and such.  And I’ll be working very hard with them for the next few days.  But I was thinking that there has to be a need somewhere in the capacity of our organization.  I realized that in all of these places that were so hard hit, there are shelters.  Now I’ve not heard anything, but then again, that might not be something you advertise, but there very well could be damage to any one of those shelters we work so hard to support.

So here it is, the birth place of  LSC’s disaster relief fund.  For right now, we’re totally focusing on the women and their children in the shelters, but there is no promise that it will stop there.  I can see God bringing beauty from the debris, and I’m so excited to be working for Him, again.

Tomorrow I will start calling around to all of the local (within a hundred mile radius) shelters to assess damage and then once we’ve done that, we’ll sit down and decide which were the hardest hit, and who has the most needs, and list what those needs are.  Then we get into what is new territory for me.  We need to find a way to collect supplies on a large scale so that we can bless these organizations with what they need to cleanup, heal.

I don’t even know where to start with this.  In times past, all of our donations have come from close friends and family, and the members of our church.  But things are crazy and resources are maxed out and I just don’t know where else to go.  But I know there is a way.  After I find out the specific needs, I’ll start going around to companies and seeing if they’re willing to donate.  I really don’t know what else to do.  If you’ve had experience with this, then please, feel free to contact me either in the comments, or @lovesomethingchronic@gmail.com  I would love the help and input.

Stacey and I gave blood today, just so we could feel like we were doing *something*, but I am slap worn out now and I think it’s bed time.  I love you all much!


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  1. Rilean Hooker

    Courtney, contact the Home Depot nearest u! They are always great at donating and especially in times like this. Also, try Lowes, and even Sears, they carry appliances and I am sure these places may need washer/dryer, fridge, stove or anything else damaged. Also contact a chain furniture store close to ur area for bedding, and u can always ask people to donate used comforters, sheets and etc. Check with WalMart. Hope this helps, and good luck!

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